Bad Habit: Addiction to Digital Devices

Addiction to digital devices

Anyone in the era of 2020 can simply tell you that breaking bad habits and bad relationships hurt the same. And if that bad habit is about all digital devices, it will boil you down if you are even thinking of leaving it.

Digital devices include PC, smartphones, laptops, gaming console, tabs, etc. Types of digital addiction concludes,

  • Gaming
  • Social Media
  • Video games
  • Pornography
  • Online gambling
  • SMS
  • Online auctions
  • e-shopping

People are just addicted to these things, like rapid replies to emails and text, excessive phone usage, obsessive game habits, scrolling endlessly social media, and aggressively using the internet. And these unhealthy habits will not end up good for the brain. The brain is a creator and innovator, it can be easily get numbed or paralyzed if we keep starring day and night.

I mean literally just think that for a second! You can literally stop eating your favorite steak but cannot stop yourself from digital addictions as scrolling. What a weird world we live in!

Addiction of compulsive digital habits resulted in a number of various issues, less/poor sleeping patterns, damaging effects on eyes or eye-straining, bad posture, backache, neck and shoulder strain, headaches, stress, physical fatigue, obesity, compromised immunity.

In below part of the blog, we are digging deeper into these issues so that everyone should understandably educate themselves and get the better core of the problem here,

Technology Addiction means to have poor/less sleeping pattern

Sleep is a fundamental key to living a happy lifestyle. And if you are the one who’s not getting enough of sleep every day, it will only end up with decreased quality life, increased distraction and increased body weight. Lack of sleep is directly proportional to a lack of motivation, energy, and office performance. Few studies also revealed that spending a lot of time on screen is associated with anxieties before sleep, night waking, and killing sleep peace totally.


Don’t use screens before sleep.

Monitor and cut screen time.

What is damaging your Eyes? Aggressive screen using

Digital devices commonly smartphones are becoming a compulsory item in today’s life. With the increasing population, two things are surely going to happen; the rise of gadgets as years go by and secondly its affordability for every one of us. That will definitely hype up the usage of it.

And way too much usage will only cause eye damage because 24/7 our eyes are glued to screen starting from smartphones to laptops further to PC and tabs. And we are not stopping anywhere soon.

Ok, let’s hear out what damages prolong exposure to screens cause. It causes discomfort vision, blurry eyes, eye fatigue, headaches, dry & red eyes, sensitivity to light and focusing difficulties, irritated eyes and if it is going to continues the same in the future it may result in dry eye disease.

Electronic screens reduce blinking eye ability, which takes away moisture. Over time it may even cause eye health implications, follow these simple solutions to maintain ocular health (ocular means eye and its organs).


Use glasses with HEV filter and also anti-reflective

Hold devices far away from eyes

Bad Posture due to addiction of Digital Devices

Non-stop usage of digital devices is harming your spine with head bend down. Continuous working in office hours, playing endless rounds of games, and not putting down handy gadgets are causing a serious difference in posture.

Health officials named this damaging posture “forward head posture.”

Let’s listen to what Dr. Kenneth, chief of spine surgery at New York spine surgery & rehabilitation Medicine has to say in his report for Surgical Technology International,

“Today average of 2-4 hours per day is spent on smartphones. Which resulted in an increase of back & neck pain, and effect may remain for years.”

Your body posture matters a lot and technology is affecting it badly. It is taxing vertebrae, ligaments, muscles, and disc in the neck and upper region of thoracic, strained neck muscle degeneration, back problems, foggy brain, organ damage, and increase risk of breast cancer, endometrial and colon.


Look down with eyes, not neck.

Use a tablet or phone holder.

Be very conscious or mindful of your posture.

Stretch every 30-40min and walk a few steps.

Touch your toes with fingers while standing.

Roll that awesome shoulder of yours.

Exercise every day: go for a swim or run. Make most of the physical exercise.

Try body standing desk.

Use the 20-20 rule. Stare something 20 feet away, for 20 seconds.

Headaches: one of achiest ache

Whatever digital gadget is your addiction they all harm the same. Watching either a laptop, mobile phones, kindle, tab for an extended period of time can severely cause headaches. And if you are also spending way too much time staring at blue screens then it may result in eye strain and guess what, headaches are a common symptom of digital eye strain.

The ratio of 60% of Americans are addicted to digital devices, staring at least six hours a day into their screens.

Worldwide addiction to electronic gadgets is growing every single hour and little do people know about its severe impacts on human health and life.

Obesity; Digital dependency risk of Becoming Obese

I really wanted to know can too much screen time is actually increasing weight, or it is just a myth. Well, It’s not a myth but truth, today adults are using way too much screen time and that’s probably one of the reasons behind obesity and gaining weight. Kids living overweight nowadays are also due to the same issue.

Let’s find the reasons for how digital devices held responsible for this?

When small children and adults are way too much into the screen, they use very little energy and are not physically active and mainly because of this obesity have become a global pandemic. Obesity is also triggering anxieties and stress among us.

“In England during 2015, 13 million people were obese (age above 16).”


Do a lot of physical exercises and track fitness.

Strictly limit screen time.

Change atmosphere; go outside in the fresh air.

Monitor yourself while watching screens.

Detox Digitally

Everyone needs to detox digitally because whether you are a student or businessman, should know priorities like health and peace. Killing precious things like time, freedom, and health while consuming way too much digital content will slowly deplete our motivation and well-being.

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