Around the world in 80 days: book summary

Around the world in 80 days


Jules Gabriel Verne was a writer of Around the world in 80 days, he was born in France in 1828. Later when he grew nineteen years old, his father who is a lawyer by profession sent him to Paris to study law and wanted his son to become a lawyer too.  But faith chooses another interesting path for him as a novelist, poet, and playwright. He became a seller of extraordinary bestselling adventurous novels including EIGHTY DAYS AROUND THE WORLD (1872).


There are 4 main characters

Phileas Fogg

He is a wealthy man living in London, who is part of an elite social organization

Jean Passepartout

Brave and young servant of Mr. Fogg

Detective Fix

A detective falsely believes that Mr. Fogg is a robber.

Mrs. Aouda

An Indian princess who needs saving from suttee custom.


The novel begins with the character of Mr. Phileas Fogg who is a rich resident of London city with meticulous and unchanged habits. He recently hired a new servant by the name Passepartout. In his leisure time, he goes to Reform club, a gathering club for social elites of London, where he made a bet of 20,000 pounds, with the other club members that he will make a journey around the world in just 80 days.

Timeline of Traveling

October 2nd,1872 – Phileas Fogg departs, catches a steamer name Mongolia in Brindisi to Bombay via the Suez canal.

October 9th – Steamer stops at Suez. Fogg, Passepartout, and Fix travel from Suez to Bombay, India on Mongolia

October 20th – Fogg and Passepartout travel by train from Bombay to kholby India.

October 22nd – Fogg, Passepartout, Sir Francis Cromarty, and the elephant traveler, leave for Allahabad on an elephant.

October 24th – Passepartout saves Mrs. Aouda and they all raced to Allahabad.

October 25th– Fogg and Passepartout are arrested but make bail. And left Calcutta, India for Hong Kong, China.

November 6th – Detective Fix gave Passepartout a dose of Opium to knock him out and made Mrs. Aouda and Fogg miss the steamer to Yokohama, Japan.

 November 7th – Fogg, Mrs. Aouda, and Fix take the Tankadere to Shanghai, China.

November 11th – Fogg, Mrs. Aouda, and Fix take the Steamer to Yokohama, Japan.

November 13th – Passepartout was already in Yokohama Japan via Carnatic.

December 3rd – Fogg, Passepartout, Fix & Mrs. Aouda reached San Francisco California, on the General Grant and leave on the train to Omaha, Nebraska.

December 9TH – The Fogg group arrive in Omaha, leaves for Chicago Illinois, and then to The New York City

December 12th –  The Fogg group leaves New York City for London, England on Henrietta

December 21st – Detective Fix arrested Fogg in Liverpool but later he gets to know the robber was already arrested 3 days ago.

Fogg walks into Reform Club at 8:44:57pm and wins the wager

December 23rd – Fogg and Aouda married

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