Coronavirus; Everything you and your family should know about

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CORONA VIRUS; Can I get infected with it?

The year 2020 opened with a dreadful disease named nCoV (novel coronavirus) that is generally known as coronavirus worldwide. Chinese people and the government were already fighting with the tragic economical problem of hunger and poverty. Then China unwillingly got hold by fatal disease of all time caused by a new and unique coronavirus. This virus is also named as Wuhan coronavirus because It outbreaks in Wuhan city of China in December 2019.

Answer to the question about getting coronavirus is YES! You can get infected by it because the whole world is afraid of stormy outspread of coronavirus. It has spread to 25 more countries apart from China, including Singapore with 58 confirmed cases, Japan with 248 cases, Malaysia with 19 cases, Germany with 16 confirmed cases, Korea with 28 cases, 8 cases in UAE, 18 cases in Taiwan, 7 in Canada, 3 in Italy and India, 1 confirmed case in Srilanka, Cambodia, and Nepal. These all country cases are reported till February 2020.

Spread of 2019-nCoV

According to WHO (World Health Organization) coronavirus causes colds because it is defined as respiratory illness. It spreads out from common cold to grievous sickness. A few of the common signs of coronavirus include respiratory system infection, high temperature, headache, cough, difficulty in breathing and shortness of breath. WHO also described some critical cases symptoms such as, severe acute respiratory syndrome, failure of kidney, lung disease pneumonia also death.

WHO also claimed it is a zoonotic disease. The zoonotic disease spreads between animals and humans. It is circulating in animals and few of these coronaviruses have the capability of transmitting between human beings and animals. It is called a spillover event.

JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) presented research on 138 coronavirus patients in Wuhan hospitals. According to JAMA NETWORK research, Common symptoms of Wuhan patients included fever (98.6%), dry cough (59.4%), and fatigue (69.6%).

This lethal virus causes a global emergency with 1,527 deaths and 67,163 confirmed cases all over the world in less than 2 months.

Prevention and Treatments

2019 nCoV infection i.e. coronavirus has no vaccines and anti-viral treatment for it. Precisely the only way to prevent yourself from getting coronavirus is to avoid being exposed to it.

Initially, try to understand how this virus spreads. Coronavirus is a viral respiratory infection that means it will spread through the medium of air. If the infected patient talks cough or sneezes, he will release a small droplet containing infectious agents into the air. And when those droplets are inhaled by another person there are 99% chances that he might also get infected. Below are some everyday prevention techniques to stop further spreading of it,

  • People who are infected by the virus are more likely to infect other people around them. Hence try to avoid close contact with a sickened patient.
  • Try to take off from work and stay home when you feel sick.
  • Wash your hands several times a day with soap for at least 20 seconds. Wash hands after using the bathroom, before eating, after blowing your nose, coughing and sneezing. Also try not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • If soap is not available, try to sanitize your hands with sanitizer who has 60% alcohol in it.
  • Always carefully cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue paper and immediately throw the tissue in the dustbin and wash hands afterward.
  • At your home and other places, there must be some objects and surfaces which are frequently touched. Clean and disinfect those areas with a regular household cleaning spray and wipes.
  • Strictly use of facemask by patient, doctor, and caretakers at home.

This is a state emergency time for the whole world, it is the biggest event of 2020 which is affecting the global economy. In this time of hardships, we all should unite together and fight against coronavirus that has emerged from the unknown and spread worldwide in just a few months. Worldwide reasearchers are unitedly working together to find new diagnostic tools that can be used to identify infected people. But finding its cure is a famously impossible thing to do.

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