The emotion that even kills pernicious disease

Positive Thinking

Do people can cure themselves of diseases simply by making themselves happy. The answer is absolutely a YES.

Happiness and positiveness are two strong medicines, it improves both mental and physical health of a person, they both go hand in hand. It is a proven fact that happiness makes our immune system stronger, our heart and body healthier, lightens burden, brightens up, inspires hope in us, and protects us from toxic emotions.

How emotions matter for health

There’s a unique connection between body and mind as the body reacts to the emotions and feelings of a man. That’s the reason when you’re upset, anxious, or stressed, your body reacts differently telling you something isn’t right. Many studies show that stressful emotions can adversely affect the immune system, which statistically proves body and brain are not separated. Or you can say the central nervous system and immune system are not separated, they influence each other.

There is a whole scientific field for this inter-connection named psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), which teaches the connection between the immune system and nervous system.

Synderman quoted,

This mind-body connection that we have been toying with for the past couple of decades really does have hard science behind it.

According to a study, whenever foreign body attacks, immune system produces an army of white blood cells in defense, it’s called the proliferative response. And you know positive vibes or positive thoughts instantly increases proliferative response. But when harmful emotions like stress, anxiety, sadness, negativity, hopelessness are found in the human body, this response slows down and weakens our defense system.

Proved by Studies

Yale psychologist Bruce McEwen found something dangerous about stress. He said stress compromises the immune system to the point that it can speed up the process of cancer in the human body, increases vulnerability to several viruses, increasing TYPE I and TYPE II diabetes, triggers attacks of asthma and inflammatory bowel disease, also causes cold, flu and nausea.

Another dreadful emotion; Anger is more harmful than stress and others because it harms the heart and puts people at high risk. It attacks coronary artery disease in the worst cases.

After studying 929 men, who survived a heart attack. Yale University researchers found out, those who become angrier were three times more likely to die from cardiac arrest than those who don’t.

Positivity impacts & medical benefits

Positivity in life acts like a tonic of all harmful emotions out there, it also nullifies most of the medical risk factors. It has magical healing power; hopeful people are sure to recover faster from medical difficulties. It relaxes the whole body by relieving stress and physical tension. It helps in decreasing stress hormones and increasing antibody cells of the immune system. It also protects the heart by improving its functioning and resisting vulnerability. It also helps in diffusing anger and other harmful emotions in 10-15 minutes.

In one very small study about people who suffered from spinal injuries and are temporarily paralyzed. Among them who think positively and have optimistic attitudes, gain mobility much faster from injury than those with pessimistic.

The power of positive thinking is real and the emotion of positiveness can make you healthy, optimistic attitude can do wonders.

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