How emotional intelligence works?

emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) is also commonly called emotional quotient (EQ) and Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EIQ). It can be precisely described as bringing your intelligence to emotions that help in better understanding of feelings & emotions, self-awareness, self-control, and self-consciousness. Helps to improve higher motivational zeal, persistence, enthusiasm, self-confidence, innovation, adaptability, diversity acceptance commitment, optimism, assertiveness, and much more. This blog is all about recognizing emotions you feel, manage them without getting in your way, motivate to achieve goals, fix emotions in real-time and respond accordingly, and at last develop rock-solid emotional intelligence to overcome any sentimental barrier in life.

For many reasons emotional intelligence is the finest concept to read, understand and adapt, it not only transforms an emotionally destroyed life into calm and soft sea breezy living, but also leads to successful and peaceful survival. It develops emotional literacy in the human psyche by adding the power of listening & understanding others, resolving conflicts among oneself, and building bonds & cooperation with everyone.

According to sociobiologic most crucial life-moments are always won by the heart of humans, not the brain. Because emotions reside in the heart, not in the thoughts of the brain.

The world sadly short-sighted the power of emotions and their impacts on one’s life in spite we go through several of them every new hour. There are many different types of emotional expressions and all emotions are unique, guide us differently- more than brainy-thoughts can. That’s why knowing how it impacts our lives is crucially significant.

Emphasizing the fact that there are several types of emotion sad, anger, happiness, fear, disgust, etc. and all of them are part of daily rituals, you use them consciously or non-consciously.

And while using them you won’t know but they can also take a toll on your lifestyle, leaving your life out of control resulting in disturbed mental health symptoms. Some dreadful emotions include Anxiety, rage, dread & alienation, stifling anxiety, depression, all-time angry, etc. These extreme emotional feelings put dangerous physical effects, numbness, insomnia, crying, desperation, sleeplessness. If these exceed then there comes the scarier part when the loss of hunger and vanishing of hope takes you’re your life. It injects excessive unbearable physical pain that sometimes committing suicide seems like an easy option.

To avoid such serious and extreme steps EI comes into the picture, It provides a middle-way between these extremes. It is all about identifying and managing the emotional-train of one’s life. It can be divided into three simple parts, firstly recognize the type of one’s own emotions, secondly control it and make good use of that emotion by thinking or transforming it into doing something good, and thirdly develop an exceptional ability to manage those emotions. If any individual can possess these three abilities, is called an Emotionally Intelligent being. He is a perfectly conscious person about his/her emotional state, living the most peaceful life among all and expected to be a perfect human being or a better friend, the best parent, or leader.

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