Factors which are leading to Overpopulation in 2023

overpopulation 2023

Introduction: What is overpopulation?

This blog is a detailed analysis of why human beings population is increasing enormously? From the past many years, our population has magnified a lot; this magnification is called overpopulation. Overpopulation also refers to exceeds in a number of human populations. According to the study, each year an infinite number of human beings are increasing and there could be several factors causing overpopulation i.e. reduced death rate, immigration, poverty, etc. Not only population growth is affecting but it also disturbs natural systems and relationships between humans and the natural environment. The bulk of natural resources are required to fulfill human needs, for the wellbeing of quality life for humans but on the other side natural resources are diminishing from the earth. No one knows what will happen when one day all the natural reserve will come to an end.

Factors causing overpopulation

Reduced death rate

The decline in mortality rate is one of the major factors causing overpopulation on our planet. In the past years, human history has always shown slow & steady population growth because fertility and mortality were in balance; means the number of people being born was equal to a number of people dying. But recent time shows a massive increase in fertility as today’s world population is 7.7 billion and still counting. There are several reasons behind the fall of death rate, such as our societies are advancing economically, socially, and educationally, people today are more modern, women are more empowered and everyone has access to more aid.


Let’s find out the connection between overpopulation and poverty by simply answering one question that is why do poor people give birth to more children?

  • Poor people don’t know whether their malnutrition unhealthy child will survive or not if they knew their child will survive they would have fewer.
  • Poor couples have a higher ratio of intrapartum fetal death (when a fetus dies during labor), so women keep reproducing in an attempt to have a healthy child.
  • People who are poorer needs more hand to work and bring food to their table. Hence women give birth to a large family because more children’s means more assurance of survival.
  • Poor parents rely only on their children in old-age. Hence poor couple opts for a huge family so that their children can take care of them in the elderly age.

There is nothing bad in poverty we just need to provide more economic security, education, expanded opportunities and help grow poor people. And we also believe every kid is a precious gift and brings joy to the world and each family has the right to expand their generation.


Overpopulation is also caused due to the migration of people. Today many people prefer to settle in more developed countries like the UK, the USA, Canada, and Australia. Immigration is a hot issue internationally but also happening inside the countries where people from rural areas are more likely to settle in urban areas for several reasons.
But why do people migrate? People migrate to get away from the war zone and fell safe. Climate change is also responsible for migration because of storms, floods, tsunamis and other natural disasters people flee to seek asylum. Sometimes people escape from their motherland due to a big difference in salaries and high standard social life. People also migrate to pursue high-quality education or access to better healthcare.

Rural to urban migration

Additionally, globalization has fueled migration not only across nations but also inside of it, that’s why people are more likely to live in urban areas than rural. A huge community of people from the US is still living in rural areas, this ratio is about to change because more people fascinate urban life. In the coming years, this will make the growth of the urban population triple because more people nowadays want to live in urban areas, because they are more developed with houses, roads, bridges, towns, cities, and suburbs.

Access to Better Medical Facilities

Life extension due to better medical advancement is one of the lead objectives behind overpopulation. Globalization today has given equal access to medical maintenance to underdeveloped and developed countries which have led to low death rates for several severe diseases as cancer and viruses. On one side medical sciences have made miraculous discoveries to overcome deadly diseases and saved thousands of humans but it also gave birth to overpopulation in the world. Due to which today the world is less scared of Corona or any other deadly viruses, but population increment. Overpopulation has a lot of consequences and it affects our lives, such as the extreme scarcity of food according to WHO (World Health Organization) there are 821 million people who sleep hungry every night.


Soon we all reach the threshold point where no resources will exist to support life because today we are facing issues like ozone depletion, global warming, acid rain, deforestation, soil poisoning and pollution in water. We all should work together in order to avoid an environmental catastrophic condition of the earth due to overpopulation as it directly points to the overconsumption of resources. To stop encouraging the exponential growth of humans there must be some effective measures to maintain mass growth stability. Few of the solutions are given below,

  • Guarantee education for everyone poor, rich, women’s, transgender and all.
  • Educating people about family planning. That will help them understand more about the scientifically proven method of birth control.
  • Add lessons in school books about overpopulation, environment, and development so our future generation is rightly guided to make decisions related to overpopulation.
  • Providing tax benefits and other concessions to couples with fewer children.
  • More medical aids to poor couples so that infants don’t waste and die and they can give birth to healthy and fewer babies without any fear of child mortality.
  • Talk about overpopulation in your friends and family, make people understand why it is not a taboo.
  • Help and reorganize social and economic benefits for old aging people.
  • Empower women and provide the right of equity to both genders.
  • Stop immigrants.
  • Provide better welfare in rural areas.

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