The Aftermath of Nahel’s Death: A Mapping of the French Protests

France Riots 2023

Major cities in France are facing a third consecutive night of riots, followed by the police killing of a 17-year-old NAHEL. He was a teenager who was brutally shot by police, on June 27 in the western Parisian suburb of Nanterre.

The police officer responsible for the shooting was immediately detained and is facing charges of voluntary homicide.
Voluntary homicide, or voluntary manslaughter, is the killing of a human being in which the offender acted in the heat of passion under circumstances where he couldn’t control emotions due to mental or emotional disturbance.

A mob has taken to the streets to demand justice for the teenager. The illegal shooting triggered a series of protests on Tuesday night in Nanterre, the same area where the teenager was killed. continueThe situation remains out of control in France as protests continue across many states. Protestors erected barricades, lit fires, and clashed with police openly in the streets. The situation got out of control with 600 people jailed and 200 police officers getting hurt on the third night of protests over teen killings.

The protest has also highlighted the utmost need for police reform in France, with many demanding the end of brutality, discrimination, and racism by police departments. The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, stated that Nahel’s killing was a tragedy and said that “justice will be served.”

The French government has asked citizens to calm down & condemned the violence, but the tension is in no way coming down.

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