Irvine Homes and Winter Holidays

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What do you think is the best time to buy a home in Irvine? It must be time when the real estate market is cooling down. According to facts and figure, the best time for buying is winter or fall. During winter buyer and seller both sales slowdown.

Winter is the Best Time to Buy Irvine Home

The Irvine real estate is definitely affected by winter. During the spring there is a substantial jump in selling and the market is really really hot. Then at the start of winter, it eventually drops down due to holidays and other reason. There are very fewer condos and homes in Irvine which actually sells during winter.

Reason for fewer Sales during winter

The main reason for fewer market activities is holidays. Also, people travel a lot in winter due to holidays and amilies with children docent like to spend money on homes whether that money is needed for holidays. Also, it is mid-year of the school and families don’t like to change school at that time. Basically, people give more importance to traveling and buying expensive gifts, rather than selling their home.

Effect Buying & Selling

So if someone will open their home for selling during winter it will be more beneficial as there will be very less competition in the estate market. Also, buyer who is eager to buy in the winter season will have less stress due to multiple offers in winter.

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