Shinzo Abe; Japanese Prime minister resigned due to health issues

Shinzo Abe Japanese Prime Minister

Today August 28, 2020. Shinzo Abe said he apologizes to the people of Japan and announced his resignation publicly.

But why Shinzo Abe is resigning all of a sudden? He is resigning due to health issues. PM of japan himself thinks his illness might come in the way of his duty as Prime Minister of Japan. He is currently facing disease ulcerative colitis. PM Abe has lost much strength due to this, he wants to step aside from all responsibilities so he could peacefully receive treatment from new promising drugs. As recently doctors informed Mr.Abe they had found signs of relapse unlike previously there was no known cure for ulcerative colitis.

Abe also expressed deep regrets for failing in his duty as Prime Minister and not completing his core pledges as Mr. Abe’s terms were to expire in September 2021.

Few Facts about Prime Minister Abe

  • He presently is 65 years old.
  • 4 days ago he set a record of longest-serving Prime Minister of Japan.
  • Last words before the resignation, “I made a judgment I should not continue as PM.”
  • His party name: Liberal Democratic Party

Mr. Abe can set his duty to end after suggesting a new name for PM seat. From now, the election will be followed by a parliamentary vote to elect replacement prime minister. Next Tuesday his party LDP will announce a new leader as PM of Japan. Mr. Abe also said in the press conference that coming new leader will firmly focus on pandemic and tackling all other new challenges.

List of candidates who can replace Mr. Abe is

  • Taro Aso; is one of the long-serving deputy PM.
  • Yoshihide Suga; former PM.
  • Shigeru Ishiba; former defense minister.
  • Fumio Kishida; former foreign minister.

According to Mr. Abe, all candidates are very promising and it would be difficult to choose one.

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