Massive Deadly Lebanon Explosion in Beirut

Deadly Lebanon Explosion in Beirut

On 5 August 2020, right 7 months after COVID-19 Pandemic. The massive deadly explosion took place in Beirut, Lebanon which killed at least 135 people and 5000 were wounded badly. Many are still missing under the collapsed building. Blast has sent shock waves all the way to Cyprus, 240km, or 150 miles far away in the Mediterranean. Health minister of Beirut early said that more than 300,000 people are homeless right now.

The reason for the explosion in the Beirut city was: The warehouse near the city port was filled with 2,750 tons of high explosives ammonium nitrate was stored for the last six years. The investigation is going on why such powerful explosive material was there? And why nothing was done to remove it? Who were in charge of warehouse maintenance and protection? And List of the material stored at the port is required immediately.

Lebanon is a country that is not on brink of collapse but it has already collapsed. Beirut cabinet announced 2 weeks of a state emergency and handed security under the army and all the countries around the world are providing aid.

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