WHAT A TECH IRON MAN: Unveiling the Real-Life Iron Man of Technology


Well! There comes the world where you don’t innate superpower to be a super-hero or not need to climb a wall to be bitten by a spider, or need to be from another planet to fly your wing out, or you don’t need to be experimented to be a fast and kick-ass fighter. But yes you can be a sidekick savior of the world, only by using wondrous technology. Introducing not so super-hero type superb-hero Iron Man. What basically I am trying to say is this super is not only a fictional, but one can create him for real. He is invincible. Basically, the iron man was just cartoonish figure in TV animation and later turned out to be full flashed movie fictional character.

He’s Super-hero with all human health issues like shrapnel in heart, heart-attacks and even paralyzed once! Still, he is smokingly rising forward. He is a hope that fierce determination and using technology can make you win-win over enemies. Importantly iron-man is killing a classic theme that “heroes are not only those with superpowers or experimented freaks.”

Isn’t it charismatic to see how Iron Man flies? Plates on his shoulder, back plates and how feet plates are rotating there angles, adjusting with airflow and air pressure giving him high rise flight movement. And thanks to AI Jarvis who can simulate real-time captured info by sensors and can fly Iron-man suit without assistance.

Also, AI Jarvis captures real-time data and suggest solutions via voice output, which helps person tackle threats incoming with multiple options.

How Tony is blessed with data streaming in front of his eye and gather information in the air is actually very normal today it’s called AR(Augmented Reality). Augmented Reality is easily explainable as it adds graphic view by using the camera, examples include Pokémon Go or snap chat filters. AR is a future it expands whatever you see 2D into 3D. Iron Man suit was another example of AR here, in upcoming years people will be willingly investing in this technology and it will be in reach of daily use.

Let’s discuss technology invasion in Iron man one by one. So that you can also agree on what I am trying to say.


This is a primary weapon intact inside the hand of iron man armor. Iron-man helmet has electronic nerve functionality which controls repulsor in his hands. Repulsors are used for the defensive purpose and it is very addictive to see tony stark using everywhere on screen. The Marvel news says it is “high-density muon beam” i.e it isn’t a laser light but it can also deliver the impact of concussive force.


That small metal heart beating inside iron man suit chest is famously known as Arc Reactor. It was initially a power source of first iron man movie, and later on, it was more advanced by Tony. It’s not only a source of energy for a suit but it also kept Tony Stark alive. It helped shrapnel’s to get inside his heart. According to the movie it was powered by a reactor, which was sticked inside his chest.


Abbreviated as “Just a Really Very Intelligent System.” He is a super smart and efficient AI assistant. Who does system analyzation, control myriad functions of iron man suit and automate home. It looks like an advanced version of chatbots or virtual assistant.

Unibeam on Iron Man’s Chest

It is same as repulsors but intact on the chest part of the iron man armor suit. It is a more powerful version of hand repulsors. It is directly linked to Arc Reactor. And in one second it can quickly drain all energy from arc reactor.


In the second part of Iron, Man Tony holds a tiny suitcase which changes into a set of travel armor. This scene was taken by Iron Man comic series, where the idea was to develop a suite which is so very flexible to be fitted inside an office suitcase.

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