Potential of the gaming industry in the MENA region, particularly Bahrain

Potential of the gaming industry

What is the MENA region and why it holds the dignity of esports games?

The Middle-East and North Africa is a diverse region with 21 countries. Among them, Bahrain is one. If you ask me, then the MENA region is the heart of the world’s most active gaming community. With 25% growth every year, it is the fastest growing online gaming population in the world. In 2016 it was a market of $1.05 billion and today It is a retail industry worth $3.5 trillion worldwide.

Potential of Gaming Industry in Bahrain

Did you know when millions of people were sitting home during a pandemic doing nothing, the gaming industry took a tremendously rapid momentum- most notably in MENA. Gaming was already evolving in fast development, and Bahrain- is one of the most significant parts of that evolution. As it is filled with amazing game developers working on super-amazing gaming content.

Bahrain has now become the kingdom of digital transformation, a hyper-connected ecosystem where game developers can thrive. State provides a robust environment to gamers from all over the world to promote innovation. It is a savvy place for the young population, especially gamers.

During an ongoing worldwide health crisis, in March. Steam- the largest PC gaming platform was holding 20 million players chatting online at the same time.

Now Bahrain market has a lot of potentials to explore its gaming industry worldwide. It has become a growing international interest in the eyes of investors. They are easily diversifying their economy just by playing games. It won’t be a surprise if MENA-BAHRAIN can technologically & commercially level itself up.

It benefits Bahrain in many ways. Bahrain diverted the worldwide focus of startups, public & private partnerships. Luckily grabbed the attention of the global digital Amazon web service to open its very first Middle East data centers in Bahrain. State and investors together are trying to build a world-class network. Wow! Now Bahrain is blessed with increased speed and lower latency, quickly attracting gamers in nearby countries.

This article addresses how Bahrain has become a gaming hub. With a population of 1.4 million, Bahrainis are becoming a trending gaming industry. The country has attracted many international investors such as Amazon.

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