Duron Planet


His documentation was sent to numerous specialized departments. Sarang Dino is the son of an Pakistani farmer. The family of Dino is devoted to the farming occupation for several generations. In his little village in Pakistan, Sarang was born, and he became acquainted with the inhabitants of far-off planets at the age of five, when he had an out-of-body experience. He learned from them that human race has been gifted with infinite cosmic knowledge. Thats when he created his SAVING EARTH Company by the name of SARAQS.

I have a very pleasant memory about that time in my life said Sarang. It was a time when I was still very young and my career as an official photographer hadn’t started yet. At first, I served in the military department of the USA and then I moved to the “patriot” department, which was responsible for aerial researches. I was appointed head of the official department on the planet and my main task was to find out what caused anomalous events on this planet.

The facts were actually quite simple: once upon a time, the military department noticed that some part of the sky over this planet was constantly lit up. Our department sent two research rocket complexes to find the cause of this phenomenon. They had infrared cameras mounted and went flying over the territory of that planet. There, they saw a huge number of oval dishes flying in different directions looking like huge fire flowers. The first flying objects were rounded at their edges and looked like a huge dish with fire on them. Soon, some other objects appeared – they were much bigger, they looked like glowing clouds; they sometimes flew apart and then gathered together again. Then it became clear that those objects were communicating with each other as they started to form a huge oval object with fire, changing its shape constantly.

For a long time, specialists of many countries were working on the problem of analyzing and explaining the situation. Then they came to a conclusion that the only way to reveal the mystery of the recordings would be sending a group of specialists from SARAQS company, who would be able to find out what is actually happening on that planet. So lets hear what those specialist found out!


Chameleon –  The Destroyers

It was the story of the planet called DURON. On the surface of DURON there is a group of reptilian creatures. They are now always on the verge to kill human generation. These are weird looking creatures with black greasy fluid always dripping out of their body. They are greyish, bulky, rounded creatures, like a huge hairy fat tall lizard. They are slow and sluggish creatures, strolling around their planet with no special desires or aims. They have no special strengths or weaknesses.

The leader of this group among these aliens wanted to even kill the human generation. He is known as Chameleon. You might have heard his name in some news regarding the floods, accidents, fires and other shocking incidents.

For 57000 years they have been living in peace with their planet and no worry or distress.

But there are groups among these reptiles which want to even kill the human generation.

They are afraid of human race because in their perception the human race has made only destruction to its own planets and destroyed its own civilization after the destruction the human race will create the same destruction to the whole universe.

So on their minds the destruction of humanity is protection of humanity from itself .

Reapers – the Alien Police

DURON planets are the home of REAPERS community too, who are the protectors of law and justice. The REAPERS are the alien police, who prevent bad aliens from mass destruction on Earth. They all have different fighting styles and techniques, but one thing is common between each of them is their power to convert themselves into a full armory of weapons.

Are you thinking that all Alien life form exist to take over the planet earth? Then you are wrong at your information. Extraterritorial species would risks their lives for the right things. Reapers are the alien police – community in DURON planet, they are the protector of law and justice. They prevent wicked alien from mass destruction on earth. They are saviors of Earth, sparing people from inevitable destruction caused from crimes of aliens. Their primary mission is to prevent aliens from harming humans and other indigenous species by keeping them in check.

Let us explore what SARAQS Website Development Company did to protect the earth.

SARAQS developed highly equipped electronic devices and setup which instantly alerts REAPERS whenever CHAMELEONS visits earth.

Chameleons are the enemies of earth. Their main agenda is to borrow energy from earth and use it for their survival. And we already know that a chameleon is a creature with magical powers of camouflage. The famous part about them is that they can even change their color and disguise as different things to escape. But in this case, SARAQS has developed highly equipped electronic devices which help REAPERS instantly identify CHAMELEONS when they visit earth.

SARAQS was never able to capture an earth all by himself but he always helped REAPERS to locate and caught CHAMELEONS in that time. When a chameleon generally visits the Earth, SARAQS immediately sends his alert to REAPERS to help them catch that chameleon and send it back to its home planet where they belong.


Chameleons was never able to capture earth, he went back to the stars. SARAQS Company is kind of human-alien partnership of REAPERS & SARAQS. It was established for the purpose of saving our planet from the bad aliens. Nobody knows SARAQS Company is a superhero SARAQS IS simply A WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY WHO SAVES EARTH SECRETLY. SARAQS Company has the ability to teleport or teleport through telekinesis, then he can easily transfer to any planet or interstellar ships. Partners of SARAQS Company are engaged in a special kind of healing and protection.

On Earth SARAQS makes website for their clients, But in background SARAQS is on a secret mission of saving planet Earth.

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