Instagram Threads: The New Twitter Competitor You Need to Know About

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Hey fellas, social media addicts! Get every brain cell ready to thread your way into the innovation of online conversations because Instagram Threads is here to shake the world up! It’s launching this Thursday, July 6th, in the USA and on Friday, July 7th, in the rest of the world. It’s a text-based conversation application that possesses a new threat to Twitter. Move over man there is a new kid on the block!

It is developed by mastermind Meta, who is already running Facebook & Instagram. Well! Thread is a very unique kind of app. It is not just messaging but adds privacy, speed, and for only your favorite connections. Imagine a place where you can share images, messages, videos, stories, etc. with your beloved chosen ones. The thread will be your guest house in the digital world, where you can hang out with your VIPs.

By private guest house means you will be in power to control who enters your threads. Additionally, you can customize the whole experience around the people who are important to you. Just like a guard outside your virtual pool party, kicking the riff-raff out.

And here’s an interesting feature! You can log in to threads with your existing Instagram followers with the same Instagram handle. Isn’t that awesome? So there’s nothing to worry about losing your savage online existence. It’s like changing house with all your current belongings intact.

Thread is not only messaging and sharing, it got some serious similarities to bird themed app – Twitter. You can repost and like posts just like it. Plus, you can even limit post replies by muting all those online trolls. Finally, some essential steps for quietness in the digital realm!

So is there any difference between Twitter & Thread?
Oh yes sir! If you want your thoughts to be heard by the world then stick to bluebird. But if you want to keep it private and personal, Thread is your kinda thing.

Disclaimer: Thursday may cause excessive tension with an uncontrollable resistance to ditching the blue bird’s cuckoo nest and joining the Thread party!

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