Twitter Launches Creator Ads Revenue Sharing to Incentivize Influencers

Twitter Launches Creator Ads Revenue

All these social media apps are hyped up with the competition of influencer marketing, But Twitter made a historical move, giving Checkmate to all other apps by offering a way where users can earn a cut from advertising money by directly monitoring their online audience.

The company announced a new interesting Creator Ads Revenue Sharing program which allows eligible Twitterers to receive a good amount of money directly to their account.

This new unique monetization program will initiate a social platform battle between influencers for top talent & exclusive content. This bold step will benefit Twitter against Threads to become the number one social media app. No doubt! Users will make Twitter a priority as the content-sharing platform.

By the way, did you know Twitter threw a lawsuit on Threads?

The official Twitter account tweeted that the goal is to help people to earn directly from Twitter, instead of relying solely on third-party sponsorships. People are more than thankful to Elon Musk,

But how can you earn this incentive?
To participate,
Users must have Twitter’s Blue Subscription account.
With a minimum engagement threshold of at least 5 million impressions on tweets within the timespan of the previous three months
Pass human review for creator monetization standards

Well! It’s too early to let Twitter pass the test of the BEST SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM. But the creator-sharing program is a supremely innovative way to attract top-notch creators around the world. From the influencer’s perspective, more monetization options are heartily welcome.

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